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Human Resources Consulting

Compensation: A communication tool

Total rewards strategies reflect what companies want to reward: past performance or future achievements.

Consequently, compensation scheme components (monetary and non-monetary) have a critical impact on employee motivation and behavior, and ultimately on corporate performance.


Compensation is therefore one of the main communication vehicles between employers and employees, because it sends a vital message about the organization's values and priorities, as well as institutes the ways to progress within the company.

Our established international expertise in compensation, benefits our clients in the following areas:

  • Management by Objectives (MBO) programs
  • Performance Management programs
  • Compensation policy development
  • Compensation programs design
  • Market competitiveness benchmarking
  • Job evaluation and job classification
  • Career paths and mobility programs
  • Compensation communication strategies and plans
  • Policy and program implementation
  • MBO and Performance Management training programs

Clients' benefits

We have built job evaluation systems for clients in the medical, financial services and utilities sectors.

For our clients: Numerous developments and implementations of compensation policies and programs, performance management and mobilitiy programs as well as career ladders.

Our experience of having managed a European Compensation & Benefits function as well as a Remuneration Survey Department of a major consultancy firm.