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Human Resources Consulting

How our services are perceived ...

"Didier Favre has provided excellent coverage as interim Head of HR of our London office. He developed close working contacts with the local management and managed relationships with line management and headquarters in a seamless and efficient manner thanks to his great interpersonal skills and solid ability to integrate into a new environment".

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - London office
Private Bankers

"Didier Favre did an outstanding job given the difficult conditions for the company that was being divested. Our level of satisfaction was very high."

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Trust and Corporate Services Company

"I have come to appreciate Didier Favre as an extremely client-focused consultant. His focus on goals, his perceptiveness and drive mean that he applies solutions-oriented approaches to resolving his clients' human resources and organisational needs."

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Security Inks and Systems Company

"In a complex client environment, Didier Favre was extremely effective in managing client expectations and delivering the best business-minded practical counsel and solutions at all time within the imposed deadlines."

Senior Vice President, Group Human Resources
Nutrition Company

"I highly recommend Didier Favre for his capacity to operate as a real business partner based on his proven experience of international human resources and business issues."

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Trust and Corporate Services Company

"I would happily repeat the cooperation with Didier Favre as I consider him to be a highly professional expert, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations."

Vice President, Human Resources
Printing and Packaging Inks Company

"Didier Favre has done an excellent job in creating a stable framework to deal with a changing environment. His work was very critical and timely for our company's divestment. I would have no doubt to work with him again."

Global Head of Sales
Trust and Corporate Services Company

"Thanks to Didier for helping us shaping the way ahead given the size and context of our industry. Given the magnitude of the project for a company of our size, this was not an easy task. I can highly recommend Didier Favre to any mid-size company".

Vice President, Human Resources
Fragrances & Flavors Company

"As Project Manager, Didier has established excellent relationships with all our people since he was recognised for his pragmatic client-focused, results-oriented approach and style as well as operating as a real business partner for our company."

Project Manager
Nutrition Company