Consulting en Ressources Humaines
Human Resources Consulting

Interim Management

Companies don't always have the available resources to staff short and medium term high impact positions which combine the roles of functional expertise, consultancy and project management.

This is where the use of skilled professionals capable of bringing a breadth of experience and skills, delivery of results and lasting benefits to the company proves cost effective.


As interim managers we take full accountability for missions like:

  • Manage the HR function in a transition period or fill a short term skills gap
  • Manage companies through a major change (merger, restructuring or divestment)
  • The development or turn around of businesses and organizations
  • Lead change management projects

Clients's benefits

  • The experience of managing HR functions at national and international levels
  • Add value to the company from day one
  • Quick resolution to issues - delivering results and lasting benefits
  • Transferable expert skills and knowledge
  • Objective overview, bringing a balanced external perspective to issues

We have managed local and international HR departments and functions on an interim basis in start-up, business development, restructuring and divestment situations for companies in the chemical, medical, financial services and private banking sectors. We have successfully conducted major change projects in the utilities, chemical and nutrition sectors.