Consulting en Ressources Humaines
Human Resources Consulting

Manage change by optimizing work practices

Redefining and customizing business processes is unavoidable when improving business services, implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or stand alone applications.

Deploying systems and applications allows you to rethink your organizational architecture, define your business objectives, and design the tools required to achieve them.


Therefore, optimizing your business processes drives you to consolidate and improve your activities, clarify your staff's roles and responsibilities and manage change more effectively.

Finding the right balance between business process optimization, technology capabilities, and realistic employee adoption rate is the key success factor for successful implementations.

Properly planned and executed, business process optimization improves your business practices, reduces costs and increases productivity. You thus create value for your internal and external clients.

As specialists of business processes re-engineering and optimization, we assist you in:

  • Planning and managing your projects
  • Re-engineering your business processes according to company specific requirements and market best practices
  • Validating new business processes
  • Designing business process for systems specialists
  • Change management

Clients' benefits

We have managed business process re-engineering and design projects for group ERP (SAP) and HR systems implementations as well as HR Optimization mandates in the utilities, chemical, nutrition, medical and financial services sectors.