Consulting en Ressources Humaines
Human Resources Consulting

Your staff's competences:
A major competitive advantage

In today's competitive environment, professions and jobs are evolving rapidly due to new technologies and new work practices. Likewise, talented employees are demanding faster career progression as proof of loyalty to their employers.

To retain talent and sustain corporate performance, developing employees' competences and behaviors has become as essential as nurturing organizational know-how.


Competency Models pursue a crucial aim: acquire, develop, and maintain the effective behaviors (personal capabilities and aptitudes) essential for employees to achieve superior performance, because how they reach their goals is as important as what they achieve.

Competency models are used for selection and recruitment, training and development, managing an employee's performance and career and developing leadership talent.

For winning organizations, investing in competences and behaviors is a priority and a definite competitive advantage.

As specialists in Competency Models design and implementation, we assist our clients to:

  • Diagnose competences of high performing employees
  • Identify key organizational or functional competences to be developed
  • Define competency development strategies and actions
  • Build Competency Models (Global and/or Functional)
  • Link Competency Models with their leadership development, career and mobility programs
  • Run training courses on competences
  • Implement solutions
  • Measure returns on performance

Clients' benefits

We have built Competency Models for leading companies in the chemical, nutrition and utilities sectors. They use our Models to develop leadership talent as well as manage employee performance, careers and mobility.

A long experience as Competency Models users with companies who pioneered their implementation.